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Healing Haiku

Went to the doctor
She told me I was missing
My vitamin D




Fingering pages
A book full of faces
One that stands out from all the rest
Time will reveal ain’t always the best
Yesterday’s news dons a different disguise
(Or at least it tries
And tries)
Keeping me going
Until new things arise
Wise to keep me hanging on
Regurgitate and lead me on
Otherwise I might move on
Tempted by a fresh new scene
One that offers the same shit
On a new page
Repeat repeat til I believe
But you lose credibility
When you don’t give proper credit
And quotations just won’t cut it
Copy paste or imitate
There’s only just so many ways
To say it
Before words become an echo
Falling on deaf ears
That have heard it all before

I see your heart
I raise you two
And with my words
I’ll outdo you
(And show a snapshot
Shopped it too
That looks an awful lot like)

Users come for different reasons
Some for love and some for cheating
And they never plan on leaving
Unless you escort them out
Worry not they’ll never know
Until you come to mind once more
Versifiers fill their pen
And there’s no telling where or when

Mille-feuilles on which to dine
Feast your taste buds
Feast your eyes
Pick a piece of any kind
White cream filler or white lies
It’s all the same and no surprise
Just a flake that’s in disguise
Leaving just a crumb behind


Private 👀

Who knows you better than you know yourself?

The Internet!


It’s summertime out there, it’s a holiday Monday here, and I’m out on the balcony, enjoying the weather. However, I am missing my trees…

See, I live on the third floor, and I do make the most of spending as much time as I can in my yard on my balcony. I’m quite high up, so I like the feeling of being within the trees because of all the leaves and greenness surrounding me; there are trees in the front, and in the back, and I like to consider it my personal treehouse! I have spent many seasons watching these trees grow, blossom, drop leaves, then reblossom again. And I share the space with the squirrels, the birds, and…… the emerald ash borer!?


Yep. Over the past few years, the leaves have been coming in thinner and thinner; just one look, and you can see that something’s definitely happening here.

This tree doesn’t look all that right…🤔

There is an epidemic of this emerald ash borer beetle (an exotic insect with no natural predators), and many trees are suffering this same fate! A call to the municipality says that the City can send someone (an expert, I hope), to determine if the trees are ailing, and whether they can be saved or not.

There are three trees — this is just one of ’em — and each tree has to be assessed individually. (To me, they all look like the same types of trees, going through the same thing.) Then these trees will either get treated, or — *gulp* — cut down, and replaced.

In the meantime, I do have another “room” in my treehouse, so I’ll continue to spend my time in my backyard on my back balcony, where the trees there are doing just fine.


“If you *really* think about what you’re eating, the decision is easy.”


Pay attention, or it’ll cost you.


“In planting a seed you touch the ground
But planting the seed doesn’t make it grow”
(Sass Jordan – “Stranger Than Paradise”)

I planted lovely tulips
But I never saw them grow
I had to leave the premises
I really had to go
My heart was being tugged at
Strings were broken long ago
All I had were seeds in hand
To nurture and to sow

I placed them very carefully
In perfect row by row
I plotted and I planned the space
Without a garden hoe
I picked seeds gently from my palm
And placed them in the earth
I patted them and spoke to them
Encouraging their birth

Only once they were all covered and protected
I did stand
I walked away and said goodbye
And tried to comprehend
Why I’d never see their pretty petals
Pushing through the land

~a.s. March 2013~

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